A combined immunotherapy, incorporating immune cells that protect the oncolytic agent from destruction by the immune system prior to reaching its target.

Solution #1 - For resistant tumors

  • Combination therapy with multi-mechanistic integrated biology

  • Immune cell delivery of virus specifically to tumor bed

  • Ratio of target to effector (1:1,000,000)

Solution #2 - For tumor immune evasion

  • Tumor selective virus infects and kills tumor cells

  • Virus infection causes an increase in stress ligands on the surface of tumor cells

  • Virus interaction with tumor cells makes tumor highly visible to immune system

  • CIK cells target, bind to and kill tumor cells

Soution #3 - For cancer recurrence

  • Durable immune response against multiple tumor antigens

  • CIK cells attract the adaptive immune system for a cytotoxic T-cell response

  • This response is against tumor antigens from lysed tumor cells

  • This is a memory T-cell response